Calista Corporation has developed an online Shareholder Business/Artist Directory at CalistaShareholderBiz.com to highlight Shareholder-owned businesses and artists. Free listings on this site are available to business owners and individual artists who are Shareholders, Descendants or their spouses. A business can be listed if it is owned by at least one qualified individual.

Disclaimer: Calista will provide links and information regarding Shareholder, Descendant, and spouse-owned businesses as a service to our Shareholders and their families, and for informational purposes only. Calista does not endorse and takes no responsibility for any of the products or services these businesses offer, or the ways in which they offer them. Calista does not investigate or evaluate the listed businesses in any way, and makes no warranty, express or implied, about the truthfulness of any statement a listed business makes. Calista reserves complete discretion in deciding whether to list any business, to maintain any listing, and to update any listing or link.

If you have questions about this site, please use our contact form and select “Calivika/Calista Shareholder Business Directory” as the category.